Rapid iPhone & Android Development

Rapid iPhone & Android Development



Mobile devices are the new “IBM PC” and will steadily replace the desktop as the primary tool for productivity.  This will mean that productivity applications will need to be rewritten for the mobile platform, just as they were rewritten for the web with Software as a Service (SaaS).  Currently there are large obstacles preventing the rapid reproduction of applications for mobile devices.  The primary and most obvious obstacle being the cost.


The average market rates for an iPhone developer is in the range of $100 – $150 per hour.  This is because iPhone developers are considered specialists – they are working with a complex technology and language, making the barrier for entry quite high.  It also makes the delivery time longer than necessary.  The same applies to Android development.


Now there are alternative solutions becoming available that drastically reduces the barrier and cost of development.  Where previously an application might take 6 weeks to develop, it might now take only 4 weeks.  The quality of the solution is maintained but the delivery and maintenance of the solution is greatly improved.

The new technologies make available the entire suite of behaviour and functionality of the typical mobile phone handset.

Iterative Development

The new technology encourages rapid iterative development, meaning a developer can present the progressive solution to the customer in a cyclical manner to clarify requirements and build a solution that perfectly fits their needs.

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